Health, Education and Technology (HEAT) Project Salisbury

HEAT Project Salisbury is designed to explore the potential for the Salisbury District Hospital site, working with education, research and technology to create a truly 21st century sustainable healthcare centre.

Project background

Salisbury District Hospital is, like many other hospitals, facing a challenging future and must plan for increased pressures on resources, greater efficiency and improved service delivery, with the age of some of the facilities adding to the challenge.

The hospital has evolved over time, becoming Salisbury’s largest employer, and a pivotal part of the local economy. However, to ensure its long-term sustainability and viability, it has to reconfigure to make the best of its specialist services and work with other providers in the community to ensure it can deliver an optimum service to the city and surrounding region.

It is therefore vital that the existing healthcare facilities are re-invigorated and extended.

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