Health, Education and Technology (HEAT) Project Salisbury

HEAT Project Salisbury is designed to explore the potential for the Salisbury District Hospital site, working with education, research and technology to create a truly 21st century sustainable centre for the delivery of modern healthcare.

Creating a brighter future for Salisbury

We have a unique opportunity to create a hospital and campus that will transform healthcare, employment and drive economic growth for Salisbury and beyond.

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust (SFT) and partners are exploring how to create a sustainable, integrated and environmentally sensitive, net zero carbon development around Salisbury District Hospital.

This is a hospital-led project that plans to combine new education, training and research capacity, while also providing new hospital facilities, embracing the best of modern technology. By bringing education, training and technology together with health, it will foster research, development and supply chain opportunities, driving wider community and environmental benefits.

Since the project was launched, we have made significant progress – we will soon be in a position to provide an update to the public.

Project background

Salisbury District Hospital is, like many other hospitals, facing a challenging future and must plan for increased pressures on resources, greater efficiency and improved service delivery, with the age of some of the facilities adding to the challenge.

The hospital is in need of urgent reconfiguration and regeneration to meet the challenges of 21st century healthcare.

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Updated master plan

An updated version of the master plan is now available. This looks at how we can make best use of the site in supporting the hospital’s needs – now and in the longer term. This has been…

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Project update

Since the last public update in August 2020, the development team have been busy undertaking feasibility studies to help refine proposals. Earlier in 2021, the project also began formally looking for education and skills partners to help plan other elements…

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Webinar event – documents

A webinar event was held on the 18th August 2020, to provide an update on the project and to talk through the master plan documents. A range of experts answered questions from members of the…

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