Master Plan

Initial master plan

This document (please see the image below) is our initial master plan, which shows our plans as they currently stand. The masterplan is not yet finalised, and work on this is ongoing.

The master plan looks at how we can make best use of the site in supporting the hospital’s needs now and in the longer term.

We have formulated this after speaking to key stakeholders across the local authority, education providers, health and allied sectors, in addition, we have been talking to Wiltshire County Council, Salisbury City Council, local landowners and organisations and statutory consultees. Further consultations with partners, wider groups and organisations are ongoing.

Our priorities for the hospital are to:

  • Provide a range of high quality and efficient services to meet the future healthcare needs of the local population.
  • Integrate health care with education, technology and innovation, to enable reciprocal benefits, improving the recruitment, training and retention for the hospital, and for the wider community.
  • Deliver an outstanding patient experience in modern and sustainable buildings which are low carbon, helping to meet the Government’s climate change targets.

We want to create a campus style environment for visitors, patients and staff, that encourages social interaction, has usable green space which is biologically diverse, fewer roads, a greater emphasis on easier pedestrian movement and a strong relationship between health, the natural environment, the landscape and the city.

Key improvements to hospital services are:

  • A replacement to the current Day Surgery Unit with a new Elective Care Centre, providing more planned operations as day cases are more flexible and convenient for patients. More patients will be treated and waiting times reduced. The new Elective Care Centre will be located closer to the main hospital and will be more accessible for patients
  • Maternity – offering the full range of maternity choices for local people including a midwife led birthing unit alongside the obstetric unit with the full range of antenatal and postnatal services, including support for babies requiring specialist input.  
  • Cancer unit – all of our outpatient cancer services will be provided in a single unit designed to meet the holistic needs of patients.
  • Specialist rehabilitation – we want to develop a facility that is dedicated to providing intensive therapy for patients which is shown to increase function, reduce dependency and lower the amount of time spent in hospital.

We are also considering other related uses on the site including life sciences, care village, teaching and training facilities. These land uses are to be integrated into the day to day operation of the hospital while also providing greater employment and education opportunities to help safeguard the economic vitality of the city.

Discussions with potential partners are underway.

You can also download the master plan as a PDF.