The planning stages of the project are being advanced – however, the timings below are just a guideline and are subject to change.

We held two initial public exhibitions in March 2019– these events were the first chance for us to set out the issues and collect ideas, opportunities and concerns to feed into our proposals. This ‘masterplanning’ process will enable us to put together a set of high level plans taking many factors into account and prioritise our next steps.

  • Current / ongoing: masterplanning process
  • March 2019: first consultations / public exhibitions took place
  • April 2019 – December 2019: continuation of planning process
  • August 2020: project update and Q&A via virtual webinar (view webinar here)
  • June 2021: webinar event held, aimed at potential education, training and skills partners
  • May 2022: Pre-App submitted (this allows initial engagement with the Local Planning Authority and statutory consultees to further inform the design making process)
  • Late 2022: Full Planning Application for phase 1 – submission planned
  • 2023: Outline Planning Application – submission for wider masterplan site planned