About the project


Salisbury District Hospital is, like many other hospitals, facing a challenging future and must plan for increased pressures on resources, greater efficiency and improved service delivery.

The hospital is not a modern build but has evolved over time, becoming Salisbury’s largest employer, and a pivotal part of the local economy. However, to ensure its long-term sustainability and viability, it has to reconfigure to make the best of its specialist services and work with other providers in the community to improve health and wellbeing in the city and surrounding region.

To achieve this, and maintain service levels, will require commitment and support, but will also provide an opportunity to create a more efficient, practical resource that is fit for the future.  This will include provision of education, social and environmental elements as well as health care and delivery.

It is therefore vital that the existing healthcare facilities are re-invigorated and extended.

About the project

This hospital-led project plans to integrate the existing hospital facility with a potential range of other services designed to complement health care.

These could range from:

  • education and training
  • research and development

We intend to make best use of the public estate and place the highest premium on enhancing and protecting the environment, both within the site and the surrounding landscape.

We are planning a development, which will use renewable energy sources and utilise construction techniques, where both materials and construction methods are low carbon and have energy conservation at the core of their design.


We want to position Salisbury District Hospital at the forefront of healthcare, integrating other services and working with others to create a modern, sustainable centre, which can serve the community’s changing needs.

The aim is to help the hospital thrive and succeed, with the resources to attract and retain talented people and the ability to create independent revenues.

It’s also about remodelling and facilitating the changes needed to bring the approach to clinical care up to date, including how it is delivered to patients over the next decade. Moreover, it is about creating a sustainable development that is environmentally friendly, using innovation and technology to lead the way in healthcare of the future.

Economic Regeneration

Salisbury District Hospital is at the heart of the community: this project is about creating educational, economic, social, infrastructure and environmental benefits as well as health improvement.

Incorporating education and training into the core of the hospital will also enhance the adult education provision in Salisbury, helping to drive forward the local economy. Salisbury is deeply in need of economic regeneration and this scheme could be a vital catalyst to its recovery and its success.


The project is at the early planning stage but a lot of preparatory work has already taken place.  However, essential facilities, repairs and replacement buildings are overdue.

We continue to undertake feasibility studies and consultations with our staff, the community, other providers and local businesses to help refine our proposals. Timescales are not fixed at this point, but we anticipate publishing further plans for consultation in 2022. You can find out about the timescale on the timeline page.

The Frequently Asked Questions page has more information on the project.